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Spot Cleaning Guide For Carpets

spilt wine - carpet cleaner Leeds

We have vast experience of cleaning carpets & upholstery throughout Leeds & West Yorkshire. Here we have put together a self help guide to help you with stain removal.


  • Never rub the carpet pile backwards & forwards with a scrubbing action, this can easily distort the pile causing fuzziness and the untwisting of twisted yarns.
  • Do not use washing up liquid.

Blot up procedure

Act quickly & blot up the spill.

The majority of spills are the result of upset drinks – coffee, orange, wine etc. Act quickly & this simple blot up procedure will almost always do the trick.

All that you need to blot up a spill is a supply of clean dry white tissues, kitchen & bathroom tissues are ideal.

  1. Hand Blot - Blot the spill gently with tissues (several layers thick) holding the tissues in your hand and using a dabbing action. At this stage, take care not to force the liquid further down into the carpet pile, by pressing too hard.
  2. Repeat - Hand blot using fresh tissues until no more liquid is easily absorbed into the tissue.
  3. Pressure Blot - Now, again using fresh tissues, apply pressure by standing on the tissues to squeeze out as much of the remaining liquid as possible, from within the carpet pile.
  4. Repeat - Pressure blot, standing on fresh tissues, as often as necessary, until the tissues come away dry.

At this stage your problem will usually have disappeared.

Note: With a substantial spillage e.g. a whole cup of coffee this blot up procedure can take up to 5 minutes to achieve the right result.

spilt coffee stain - carpet cleaner Leeds

Spot clean procedure

How to deal with spills that don't blot up, (for semi-solid spills e.g. soup, dinner, etc.)

Initially scoop up any excess with a spoon or the back of a knife blade, taking care not to force down into the pile.

What you will need to remove the spill:

  • Absorbent Tissues: a supply of clean, dry, white tissues. e.g. kitchen or bathroom tissues are ideal.
  • A Damp Cloth: A clean, white, damp (not wet) with warm water, e.g. a cotton towel.
  • A Sponge: A clean sponge to re-wet the spill.
  1. Apply Warm Water - Apply a small amount of warm water, using the sponge, onto the marked area. Too much water will penetrate into the backing of the carpet causing problems later.
  2. Clean - Using the cloth, dampened with warm water, wipe across the marked area with 3 or 4 stokes. Use medium pressure and wipe in one direction only. Now, again using 3 or 4 strokes, wipe across the carpet pile in the opposite direction (frequently using a clean section of the cloth to ensure that as the loosened spill is removed it is held within the cloth).
  3. Rinse Out The Spill - Wash out the dirty cloth using clean warm water and wring out until damp. Repeat the wiping procedure without applying any more water. This will help to rinse out any last trace of the spill.
  4. Blot Dry - Pressure blot with fresh tissues to dry the spot-cleaned areas as far as possible. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until the tissues used for the Blot Dry procedure no longer become discoloured with staining matter or damp with water.
  5. Finally - Dry with warm air from a hair dryer, taking care no to distort heat sensitive yarns. Keep the dryer moving at least ten centimetres above the carpet surface.

Should this procedure fail to remove the spot then the use of a spot removal kit may be necessary. These can be obtained from us on 0800 389 1017.